Treat Your Back Pain With This 10 Minute Foam Roller Fix!

Many people nowadays spend their time working behind their desk. Back pain will appear at some point of our lives. In this article, we’re going to discuss about foam rolling and how it can help you against some sort of tightness.

No matter if your back pain is short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic), it can be very serious and disturb your everyday life, your job as well as your sleep.

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Myofascial Release

Foam rolling is also known as myofascial release. It helps you improve the lymphatic circulation, the blood and relax the tight muscles, but also stimulate your skeletal muscle by the stretch reflex.

You can do this anywhere and the benefits are numerous. Use it every day!

The best foam roller you could use is the one that is medium soft. You have to roll around the painful areas very slowly. Here’s an example of a 10-minute foam roller fix to treat your back pain!

10-Minute Foam Rolling for Back Pain

This routine will alleviate the tightness and pain in your lower back that appears after a long period of sitting. Our abdominal muscles and the hip flexors become tight, but the glutes become weak. The strain especially appears on our lower back that has a direct connection to the deepest hip flexor in our body called the psoas.

Supported Bridge | 30 sec


It’s a stretch for your abdominal and lower back muscles.

Sit in front of the foam roller. It should be positioned behind the lower back horizontally.

Your hands should be behind the roller on the floor. Start lowering yourself on the foam roller by bending the elbows. Make sure the butt is on the ground. Only the back should be on the roller.

Continue lowering until the shoulders come on the ground, too. Your arms should be stretched to the sides, but the palms should be with the face up. Stay like that for half a minute and sit pressed on it.

Hip Flexor Release | 30 sec on each side


You’ll release the hip flexors with this exercise.

The foam roller should slide horizontally underneath the sacrum. Put the feet on the ground, but bend the knees.

The right knee should be drawn towards the chest. The right foot should be picked up. Use your hands to interlace them around the front of your knee. The left leg should be straightened in front of you. Both of your feet should be active and flexed.  

Stay like this for half a minute. After this, you can put the right foot on the ground to release. Put the left foot on the ground and bend the left leg. Alternate sides.

Lower Back Massage | 30 sec


It’s stretch that will feel like a good massage and it will release your lower back.

Put the roller underneath the sacrum horizontally. Put the feet on the ground, but bend the knees.

Both of the knees should be drawn towards the chest which will engage your core. Make sure the hands are on both of your shins. Rock your whole weight to the right and then, lift your left side off the roller. Stay like that for several seconds. Rock to the left sides slowly.  

Rock from side to side very slowly and massage the lower back for half a minute.

Supported Twists | 30 sec for each side


With this fix, you’ll manage to increase your spinal rotation, stretch the lower back and the hip flexors.

Put the roller underneath the sacrum horizontally. Put the feet on the ground while both of your knees are bent.

The right knee should be drawn into the chest. Your left leg should be straightened in front. Both of your feet should be flexed.

The right arm should be straightened to the right side. The palm should be with the face down. The left hand should be put on the outside of the right knee. Exhale and draw the right knee across the body using the left hand. Do a twist and stay like that for half a minute. The same procedure should be repeated on the other side.

Part number two of the routine will alleviate muscle pain and tightness in your upper back. The stretches will help you release and stretch the shoulders, rhomboids, lats and chest. You’ll also massage the knots in your upper back.

Lie on the foam roller and make sure it goes up and down the spine.

Cactus Arms | 15 reps


This is a stretch for the front of your shoulders and your chest.

Lie down on the roller. It should go up and down the spine vertically. Your hips and head should be supported. The lower belly should be drawn in. The lower back should be pressed into the roller. Your neck should be long by keeping a tuck of your chin a bit.

Your arms should be on the side and the elbows should be at 90-degree angles. The fingertips should point towards the ceiling. If your chest muscles are tight, make sure you try to keep the elbows on the ground.

The elbows should be bent at 90 degrees for the whole time while they’re on the ground. Breathe in deeply. Let the forearms fall back while you exhale. The top of your hands and forearms should fall on the ground. Make a little pause until you feel your chest stretched. Bring your arms back into the initial position while you inhale. This should be repeated for 15 seconds.

Snow Angels | 15 reps


It’s a stretch that will massage the knots in your rhomboids and help your shoulders move more.

The foam roller should go up and down your spine vertically. The arms should be along your body, but your palms should be with their face up.

The fingertips should be brushing the ground while you inhale. Sweep the straight arms over the head slowly. You should feel a stretching in your shoulders and chest.

Sweep the arms down by each side slowly while you exhale. This should be repeated 15 times.

Overhead Reach | 20 reps


It’s a stretch for your shoulders and lats.

Your arms should be along the body while the palms should be with the face in.

The right arm should be extended over the head so that you could reach through the fingertips. Keep the left hand down while you reach the left fingertips towards the feet at the same moment.

Stay like that until you feel that your lats and shoulders are stretched. Alternate sides and repeat it for 20 times.

Reach to the Sky | 20 reps


With this, you’ll massage the knots in your upper back and stretch the lats.

Your elbows should be bent to 45-degree angles. Put them on the floor. Spread the fingers wide. They should be extended towards the ceiling.

Use a firm press for your left elbow in the floor. Reach the right arm towards the ceiling straight up. The left shoulder blade should be squeezed down. You should feel a stretch in the right shoulder blade.

Stay like that for several seconds. Alternate sides while you straighten the left arm up and you bend the right elbow. This should be repeated for 20 times.

Prayer Angels | 15 reps


It’s a fix that will release the knots in your trapezius muscles and rhomboids, but also stretch your shoulders.

First, press the palms and forearms above your chest while you bend your elbows.

The elbows should be kept together as long as you could. The fingertips should be on the ground positioned behind the head. As soon as they’ve touched the ground, sweep the arms out and separate the forearms to the sides.

The forearms and palms should be together over the chest. This should be repeated for 15 times.

Chest Release | 30 sec


With this fix, you’ll release the tightened muscles of your shoulders and chest.

Lie on the roller, but make sure you engage the lower belly.

The arms should be straight to each side. The wrists should be lined with the shoulders. Your palms should be facing up.

Relax with your eyes closed. Stay like that for 1 minute. Then, roll off the roller slowly. Lie flat on the floor for half a minute so that your spine can be neutralized.


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