5 Essentials Oils You Had No Idea Could Help Beat The Effects Of Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re often feeling tired, sleepy, achy and craving sugar and salt every day, you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Haven’t heard the term? Adrenal fatigue is a condition caused by too much stress on the adrenals, tiny glands that sit on the top of the kidneys and produce a variety of important hormones.

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These hormones regulate our metabolism and blood sugar levels, while also assisting our body with the reaction to stress and helping it burn fat. Stress is very much present in all our lives nowadays and is harming our health in several ways.

Too much stress can cause the body to produce adrenaline constantly, which can put the adrenals in a constant fight-or-flight response and damage your overall health.

When adrenaline is released in the blood, our heart rate and blood pressure immediately rise, and all the energy of our body is pumped into the muscles so you can have all the power you need to run away or fight. However, this also turns off numerous important body functions, including the immune system and digestion. Imagine this going on constantly and you’ll get the idea of what can happen to your body.

Constant stress can essentially destroy your adrenals and other body systems. In this way, you may experience a variety of problems including fatigue, low libido, insomnia, frequent and recurring infections, anxiety, depression and an inability to lose weight. Luckily, there’s something that can reverse the process and help.

How do essential oils help in cases of adrenal fatigue?

Recovering from adrenal fatigue requires a few lifestyle changes as well as changing your diet. Adding essential oils into your lifestyle is one of the steps, as they can reduce stress and help you relax, which will calm down your adrenals as well. Using the right oils will soothe your central nervous system and is considered a vital step in the fight against adrenal fatigue.

The essential oils can effectively reach the smell receptors at the bottom of the brain and work on the amygdala (stress and fear control center) and the hippocampus (part of the brain responsible for memory and emotions). Once the oil reaches these parts, the scent triggers a flood of hormones which create a chemical response that helps the body calm down. In this way, it soothes your nerves and helps the adrenals relax.

There are 4 ways you can use essential oils, and we have them listed for you below.


Simply put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton pad, bring it up to your nose and inhale.


Adding essential oils to your bath is another great way of reducing adrenal fatigue and relaxing. You’ll need 4-8 drops of some kind of oil along with a cup of Epsom salt in your bath. Soak in it for 20 minutes in order to relax and soothe your nervous system.


Mix 6-12 drops of your preferred essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba od coconut oil, then massage your temples, feet, hands, lower back, neck, shoulders and solar plexus to relax.


Finally, if you have a diffuser at home, you can put a few drops in it and turn it on. This will release the molecules of the oil in the air and allow you to breathe them in, effectively helping you relax.

What are the best essential oils against adrenal fatigue?

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine that uses essential oils to relieve stress and problems such as adrenal fatigue. It has been used for centuries and has only recently been recognized in the Western world. The therapy relies on various essential oils, but the following 5 are most commonly used:

Lavender oil

Lavender is a commonly used essential oil and one of the most versatile as well. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties, and can help you relax as well. Some studies have shown that lavender oil works just as well as anti-anxiety drugs against insomnia, and you only need a whiff of it to relieve stress. You can either diffuse the oil or put a few drops on your pillow cover before sleeping to relieve stress and treat insomnia.

Rose oil

The rose oil has a nice scent and will immediately put your mind at ease. It is quite rare, though, as it takes thousands of rose petals to produce an ounce of rose essential oil. Studies have shown that the scent of the oil can improve your confidence and fight anxiety and depression. The oil also has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, and can easily relieve stress.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil has been used for thousands of years and was also mentioned in the bible. It has powerful sedative properties and a unique aroma that can relieve anger, anxiety and stress. Furthermore, the oil can treat skin problems and respiratory problems such as asthma as well.

Lemon balm oil

The lemon balm oil has a citrus fresh aroma which is highly effective against stress. All citrus oils can improve your mood quite effectively and treat anxiety and depression.

Geranium oil

This rare oil has been able to treat adrenal fatigue pretty effectively in studies and will easily improve your mood as well. Geranium oil can also boost your immune system and relieve inflammation, and when used together with rose oil, it can be used as a perfume.

When using an essential oil, make sure to check the label to see if its organic. We suggest consulting with a therapist for the best oil. You also need to be patient – aromatherapy doesn’t work instantly. It will help, but you must be aware that you’ll need 7-21 days to see major improvements.


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